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Lafayette Statue Fayetteville Museums & Historic Sites Explore 250 Years of History in Fayetteville and Cumberland County

History Buffs will find plenty to explore among the many museums & historic sites in Fayetteville and Cumberland County.  We’ve got so many, in fact, that we grouped our history into 18 themed trails for ease of exploration.  

Read below for information on community’s history and updates and news from museums. 

For an in-depth exploration of our history, head over to On this site, users will find 750 miles of themed driving trails highlighting museums & historic sites. Throughout the site, you’ll find serverything you need  take a tour  through Cumberland County. The site offers pre-planned routes with interactive maps and descriptions, video highlights and photos

America’s Hometown Happenings:
November 4 – 6

Art, Pottery, Fourth friday
This weekend’s hometown happenings are focused on shopping for the holidays, celebrating our military heroes and appreciating the arts. Many attractions and shops in the Arts & Entertainment District of downtown Fayetteville are offering visitors unique “shopportunities” combined with artistic diversions. While downtown for the Heroes Homecoming IV events, join a gallery crawl and pick ou… [...]

Halloween Countdown with Fayetteville Museums

In the ten days leading up to Halloween, Fayetteville area museums will be counting down to the holiday with an array of activities that promise to spook, enlighten and thrill visitors, young and old. You may opt to attend a funeral in an historic home, spend the night at a museum, or visit the residents of a cemetery. Regardless, get the costumes ready for all the Halloween revelry being planned by thes… [...]

America’s Hometown Happenings:
September 9 – 11

Last month we shared with you “How Fayetteville Throws a Party,” about the 10th Annual Lafayette Birthday Celebration planned for September 9 and 10. There are yet a few more unique opportunities to learn the history of the greater Fayetteville area this weekend. Whether you choose to hop on a horse-drawn carriage downtown, watch history come to life on a Civil War battlefield or take a historic hike thro… [...]

Fayetteville Area Steeped in
Civil War History

From the time North Carolina seceded from the Union to the invasion of Fayetteville by Sherman’s troops, Cumberland County remained steadfastly loyal to the Confederate cause. To fully grasp the unique role this county played in the American Civil War, visitors should acquaint themselves with a few key historic sites. Assisting with this, the Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (FAC… [...]

America’s Hometown Happenings:
August 19 – 21

Two museums in the greater Fayetteville area have chosen to explore an unusual (and sometimes taboo) subject, and that is the subject of death. The Museum of the Cape Fear and the Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local History Museum both have unveiled a historic exhibit on the topic this year. For a fascinating behind-the-scenes exploration of the funeral customs and mourning practices of the tim… [...]

How Fayetteville Throws a Party

Every September the city of Fayetteville celebrates the birthday of a Frenchman. This Revolutionary War hero was once invited to the United States as the “Guest of the Nation” by President James Monroe, and on his subsequent tour, he chose to visit Fayetteville to pay tribute to the first town that had adopted his name. On this historic occasion in 1825, the citizens welcomed the Marquis de Lafayette with… [...] is owned by the
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